College at St Elizabeth - Donor Wall


Like you, we’re in the business of creating lasting connections. In today’s world, everyone is in a rush and this isn’t easy. Clients ask us, “How can I make our donors relevant again? How can I keep those relationships alive?”

Sometimes we must look to the wisdom of the past for inspiration. In this case, let’s focus on the idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Dating to at least 1911, it remains true today – perhaps even truer, given the influence of Snapchat and Instagram in the app world.

Back in the nonprofit world, we can co-opt some of that relevance by adding photos or other graphics to donor walls. Using photographs or images that identify donors with your appeal, we can create a donor wall that makes a lasting impression. Simply put, generic looking walls don’t make an impact. Artful walls do. And given the choice, every donor wants to stand out – whether or not her or she admits it.

Recently we had the opportunity to reconnect with a previous client, The College of Saint of Saint Elizabeth, to help them thank donors to their renovated science building. The $5.2 million improvements to Henderson Hall include new chemistry labs and will benefit the expanding health, food and science programs.

We worked several years ago with Saint Elizabeth’s on projects for their Performing Arts Building and Holocaust Remembrance Wall.

Each of our projects for Saint Elizabeth’s have linked their traditions to their growing future by featuring an architectural graphic element from the campus. For the Annunciata Center in 2007, we refinished hand crafted wooden rosettes that framed the top of the Santa Rita Hall and dated back to the original construction in the early 1900’s. The 30 foot recognition wall was a blend of glass complimented wooden rosette, unlikely to be overlooked but complementary of its surroundings.

The new donor wall for the Science Center includes a reproduction of the sculpture installed above entrance to the  building, which was designed by one the beloved Sisters of Charity who taught at the college for many years. The art features symbols of faith and science blended keeping with the mission of the school to educate and instill faith.