This beautiful designed donor/memorial wall features the Blessed Mother, which can be replicated or we can use an image of your church’s Patron Saint alongside of your important donors. Overall 60” inches wide by 54″ tall. 3/4″ wooden background with .025 Brass screw mounted plates. 4″ x 1″ brass plates on side panels 4″ x 2″ brass plates on the center panel. Full color direct print on metal panel affixed to the surface. Hanger bar installation.



Our large Tree of Life, Eternal Flame and Dove of Peace are appropriate for all denominations. In fact all of our religious items would enhance their respective settings in parochial schools, life centers, missions, or charities. For those who don’t know, the Dove of Peace actually finds its origin in the story of Noah’s Ark. When the Dove returned an olive branch to Noah, he knew that land was near.

We work with state of the art technology, a myriad of materials such as metal, wood, acrylics, glass, solid surface, corian, granite and combinations thereof. Sculpted art works featuring Crosses, Christ, Statuary plaques honoring special people and other imagery. We have the facility to custom design and fabricate any expression of spirituality and love you have in mind. You will find our creative items and/or custom designs to be most affordable and easy to install.

Please contact us to explore how we might be able to help you create the right design to recognize your donors and increase your fundraising efforts.

Also see our Religious Recognitions Photo Gallery.

200 Leaf Cross

This cross, at 6′ wide and 7′ tall, features 200 gold leaves along with a brass dedication plaque. This cross is also available in the same size with 300 leaves and the brass dedication plaques.
Resurrection Wall

Resurrection Wall

2 acrylic laser cut and laser drilled panels with a subtle scenic background laminate to the reverse side of the acrylic. The gold plaques are mounted on the front side of the acrylic panel. Each of the two panels measure 30” wide x 60” tall. The curvature of the two panels form a frame around a 36”x 36” bronze color statue of Christ. Available with 200, 300, 400, or 500 leaves.
Cardinal Foley Bas Relief Plaque

Bas relief Bronze Plaque

His picture was cast in bronze and mounted o a bronze background with raised letters. The plaque size 24” wide x 46” tall.
Extra Large Church Tree

The Extra Large Church Tree

This tree, at 17′ wide and 6.5′ tall, accommodates between 750 and 1,000 donor leaves. The center section is reserved for the mounting of the church’s special symbol. A true Tree of Life Representing the lifestyle experiences of the members of the congregation from marriage, birth, baptisms, graduations, anniversaries memorializing loved ones, commemorating honors bestowed on the family. The acrylic panels are laser cut and laser drilled, the leaves are screw mounted to the front side of the panels. The reverse side of the panes are laminated with subdued scenic colors appropriate to enhance the interior of the Church.

The Dove of Peace

Standing 5′ wide and 6.5′ tall, the dove is laser cut to shape. The wings feature laser drilled holes for the screw mounting of donor leaves. The wings are affixed to the dove’s body. The broad body cast with every detail into in solid Fiberglas. This Dove will highlight the wall with a distinctive spiritual spirit. The dove is available with 100,150,200 or 300 donor leaves.
Cross Trunk

Hand Carved Wood Trunk

Your choice of oak, walnut or cherry wood to be custom designed to fit under your Tree of Life. The carving is done an old world artisan and can be carves incorporating your proper symbol.

Cross: "I am the Vine, You are the Branches"

Laser cut and laser drilled 3/8” thick acrylic Cross. Reverse side of the acrylic is a laminated frosted background. The front side surface has a painted border and painted vine. The leaves are screw mounted along the sides of the vine. A brass plaque is mounted on the part of the vine that can be engraved with the motto above or a personal dedication submitted by the Pastor. Available with 100, 200, 300 leaves. The smaller cross measures 5” wide x 6’ tall; large version 6’wide x 7’ tall.

Eternal Flame Dedication

Honoring the donors to the establishment of a Holocaust Museum at St. Elizabeth College The names are on acrylic panels. The vase of the flame (well with the fuel) is electrified casting light up the wall creating a solemn, dramatic effect.

Take a Picture of Your Church

We will cast that picture into 2 dimensional casting in fiberglass or bronze metal. The detail of the casting will do the Church Proud. It can be displayed as a centerpiece for a capital find raiser ot as wall hanging commemorating the original structure
Focusing on your spiritual mission requires support, whether you are raising funds for a special project, new construction, outreach, or even daily expenses. Your donors – congregants, local organizations, or national corporations – have so many causes competing for their dollars, so you need to make sure they keep your house of worship top of mind in their contributions.

One of the foundations of a successful fundraising plan is to show donors how much you appreciate their support. The very best type of appreciation transforms a simple “thank you” into a lasting, beautiful addition to your space itself.

Your donors will literally become part of your institution, and their contributions will be an everlasting reminder of their support.

As the spiritual home for so many, your house of worship is so much more than a place to pray – it is where your congregants come to share their major life events with their community. And many congregations find that their community values making that support visible too. What could be more appropriate than a congregant honoring a family event or memorializing a loved one with a visible contribution?

We are here to help you create the right way to display your community’s love for their families, their community, and your house of worship. We offer artistic and tasteful religious recognitions for all denominations and all budgets.

Our plaques, walls of honor, trees of life, eternal flame, crosses, memorials, doves of peace, and resurrection walls are artistic complements to the spiritual nature of the décor in your House of Worship. They can offer you the ability to honor one donor or hundreds. We have worked with houses of worship in many denominations to create custom pieces to adorn a multitude of spaces, including sanctuary walls, entry areas, religious schools, or clergy offices.

These pictures are a sample of what we have created for other congregations. Our specialty is delivering the exact product that will work best for you. We use state-of-the-art technology to create a custom design in a variety of materials – metal, wood, glass, granite, acrylics, and more – to represent your values and your spiritual essence.

We work closely with our customers to craft custom designs. And as both designers and manufacturers, we can deliver your design quickly and affordably, so you can deliver more of the funds raised to the organization itself.